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Conolidine (Nature's Morphine) has been scientifically validated as the most potent natural pain killer in human history.

Here Are The Important Facts...

  • Backed by 11 years of clinical research and a 33,000 person clinical use study
  • ​Validated 90% effectiveness rate
  • ​Only substance known to reactivate your internal pain killers known as Endorphins
This re-activation works at any age, within days.

Endorphins are 50X the power of morphine and do not yield a single side effect.

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  • Safe, "Morphine Like" Relief Daily
  • ​No Side Effects Or Addiction Risk
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   Special Report:  Leading US Doctors Validate A Naturally Occurring Pain Killer That Is Highly Effective Without Inebriation, Side Effects or Addiction Risk Even If You Are 50, 60, or 70 Years Old.

NEW "NaturAL Morphine" Stops Pain Quickly Without Brain Fog, Side Effects, or Addiction

Safe & Effective Pain Relief At 50, 60, or 70 Years Old

This 100% Drug-Free Discovery Is Backed By 11 Years of Top Tier Medical Research , 5 Years of Private Human Clinical Studies (100,000 test Users) And Is Currently Being Used By Top Athletes All over The World

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Side Effect Free Morphine? (No Addiction Risk)

THIS IS The Largest Pain Relief Breakthrough In The Last 100 Years...

Hi, I'm medical scientist Clint Winters.

Today I am revealing a major pain relief breakthrough.

... One that is set to change the way millions battle chronic pain FOREVER.

This special report is all about a major natural pain relief discovery that has been code-named “Nature’s Morphine”.

… I will begin with one simple guarantee.

You have NEVER heard about what I am revealing today, it is virtually unknown to the entire world, including mainstream medicine.
  • What I am revealing CANNOT be found in a store
  • ​It is NOT an ingredient you have heard about
  • ​And this is NOT another sales letter about CBD
  • ​And It is Proven Effective Against Every Type of Pain Possible
Let's start with a statement from one of the largest medical research firms in the world.

This is mind-blowing...

"Safe Plant Kills Pain Like Morphine Without. Side Effects."

.. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Yes! What I am revealing today has been scientifically compared to morphine without side effects, inebriation, or addiction risk.

There is more research just below.

Let me state it plainly.

This Plant Alkaloid Has Clinically Validated “Morphine Like” Relief Capabilities Without A Single Documented Side Effect Or Addiction

I can show you 11 years of research and five years of clinical trials to back it up.

It has been tested with over 33,000 participants with astounding results and zero side effects.

Listen, I get it, if you are in pain or even chronic pain... This probably sounds too good to be true.

You have probably read a million "special reports" about a pain relief "breakthrough" that is actually CBD or a variation of an ingredient that has been known for years.

... And those products probably didn't work at all, right?

In the end, you were left very disappointed and still in terrible pain.

Natural pain relief has probably tried and failed you MANY times in the past.

If not, you would not be reading this page.

... And that is why I want you to keep reading, you are about to be REALLY surprised and excited.

I confidently make a single assurance RIGHT NOW.

I am not here to waste your time.

What I Am Revealing Today Is A Scientifically Validated "Answer" To Daily And Chronic Pain

And It Is Virtually Unknown To Mainstream Medicine

In fact, it has a pain relief mechanism never before seen in modern history.

It is VIRTUALLY UNKNOWN to mainstream medicine, even your personal physician.

Heck, it is EVEN virtually unknown in the world of alternative medicine.

YES! This powerful research has been buried in medical and scientific journals for nearly 11 years...

Today, I am making it all public.

Here are some key points.
  • In 2011 top US doctors compared it to morphine without side effects.
  • ​2017 five years of human use studies began, 33,000 participants tested with incredible results (Over 90% Success Rate, No Side Effects)
  • ​In 2021 leading US scientists confirmed it is a MAJOR advancement in the fight against chronic pain.
  • ​​In 2022 One of the largest sports organizations in the world began exclusively using this compound on their top athletes (first time in 20 years).
To confirm, it has been used successfully with 33,126 clinical test users over the past five years (data revealed below).

... And it is effective in battling nearly every type of painful condition
... And any other type of pain that may affect you

Plus, the feedback from clinical use testing has been simply incredible, life changing even.

Here are just three excerpts from those clinical reports.

You can read hundreds more below.

In total, we have thousands on hand and stories keep pouring in as this innovation sweeps the globe.
"I have chronic pain from back surgeries, hip and knee issues. I joined the clinical testing group. After 5 days I noticed a HUGE difference in my pain level. My goal was to find something natural for pain relief so I can no longer need medications. This is FINALLY the answer"

Immediately after using my lower back pain virtually diminished by 90%. I continued to use the first 30 day supply twice daily and was soon no longer taking Aleve and/or Advil. I will continue to use this product with the goal of completely eliminating ever taking these other harmful medicines."

"After 31 years in the Army, It has taken a toll on my body. between broken leg, ankle, fusion on back. I have been in constant pain for the last 10 years, 65 now and other than pain pills nothing has helped. So, I joined the initial testing, the results are incredible!! I am out riding my bike and starting to play golf again. I'm getting my life back. If you don't give this a try, your waiting time and money at the Dr's office"

This Pain Relief Innovation is your chance to FINALLY live a pain-free life without drugs

It Has Already Helped Over 100,000 Other Users

As the research shows, this is the most powerful drug-free pain relief discovery in our time.

One that addresses the root cause of chronic pain.

So, If you are in pain, Do not leave this page.

Take five minutes, keep reading and learn about what researchers are calling "natural morphine".

Every word below is extremely valuable.

I can say this with full confidence.

... And here is another big reveal

This 100% Drug Free Pain Solution

Is Currently Being Used By Hundreds Of Professional Athletes & Top Organizations

I am revealing all below, but this is going to blow you away.

The subject of this page is not known publicly, but it has been extensively tested in private settings.

... And one of those settings has been professional sports.

Frankly, this innovation has caught fire in training rooms across the world because of its "certified drug-free" ability to Ease pain without side effects Or Addiction Risk

You see, drug-tested professional athletes have very few options when it comes to pain relief.

Most of the significant pain relievers are considered "banned substances" for competition.

Well, what I am describing today is 100% legal and not included on any "banned" list.
... And once a few professional athletes used it, word spread quickly.

First, it was professional football players... and then baseball

A few turned into dozens.

Which turned into hundreds.

.... Every athlete said the same thing - they felt "opioid like" relief while staying clear headed and focused.

No side effects.

They were training harder than ever.

Some even noted this compound saved their careers.

All of this organic growth culminated in a historic partnership with one of the largest athletic  organizations in the world (more on that below).

One where the athletes are known to endure pain.

I will reveal every detail below.

But, take a moment to think about this, these athletes have unlimited resources to use any 
product in the world.

Money and access are no object.

.... And they are ALL using the very compound I am revealing on this page.

Now, imagine what this could mean for you.

Imagine, What Your Life Would Be Like...

Daily, 24/7 Relief Stronger Than Morphine & Safer Than A Baby Aspirin...

Imagine this type of daily relief.

... And you can do it without drugs or expensive doctor visits.

Heck, you won't even need a prescription, everything I am going to show you can be done at home in under one minute.

Again, I am serious.

... What I am about to tell you is backed up by serious research.

Imagine Morphine With No Side Effects Or Addiction

Morphine is the most potent painkiller in the world, agreed?

However, it comes with terrible side effects, inebriation, and addiction making it a very scary proposition, right?

But, what if you could use morphine, without ANY side effects or inebriation?

In fact, what if it was safer than using baby aspirin?
... And what if it didn't leave you high, but energized and ready to take on the day and complete any activity.

You would probably use it daily with no fear, right?

Of course, you would - I mean, it would be life-changing!

Heck, I probably couldn't wrestle it away for you if that was the case.

Well, that is exactly what I am revealing today.

Anyone in pain would want this level of Total Daily relief without side effects, Wouldn't You?

... And that is why it is quickly taking the world by storm.

Ready for the big reveal?

Ok, let's jump in...

So, What Is This Pain Relief Breakthrough?

The Conolidine Alkaloid: Scientifically Considered "Nature's Morphine"

I am proud to introduce Conolidine, now dubbed "Nature's Morphine".

Conolidine is one of 64 powerful indole alkaloids found inside the ancient plant 
Tabernaemontana divaricata or more commonly known as “crepe jasmine”.

Historically, this plant has been used since ancient times as a powerful pain reliever.

It is a staple in Eastern and Ayurvedic medicine.
In 2011, the pain relief mechanisms caught the attention of Western scientists who were searching for drug-free relief options.

They started a deep dive into the makeup of the plant and potential relief mechanisms.

This led to the isolation of Conolidine, which is now considered the future of pain relief.

When they looked closer they realized this alkaloid had the relief ability of powerful pain drugs, without side effects or addiction risk .
In fact, it didn’t attach to the normal pain receptors at all.

It relieved pain in a very unique manner which I will explain below.

I know this with certainty...

The function of the Conolidine alkaloid is set to change the future of pain relief forever.

This is an entirely NEW approach to permanent pain relief.

For the first time in history, a natural compound can activate your flow of internal natural painkillers.

How Does It Work?

Conolidine Is The Only Known Compound Proven To Restore Your "Natural Pain KillING" MECHANISM At Any Age

Natural Pain Killers 50X The Strength Of Morphine

You are about to see why Conolidine is dubbed as "nature's morphine".
This proven science is about to blow you away.

As you will learn, Chronic pain is NOT your fault and you are NOT alone.

Conolidine is the ONLY known solution to the root cause of daily pain, your Age-Related decline Of Brain Level "opioid peptides" 

You Know These Peptides As Endorphins

Yes, the same endorphins that gave you a "runners high" and USED to allow you to finish a workout pain free...

But, I bet you haven't felt that effect in a long time, right?

Now, let me explain.

Key Fact #1: Your body has the ability to produce natural painkillers named Opioid Peptides. These peptides are 50X stronger than morphine.

During a “pain event” our brain is designed to respond by releasing opioid peptides, our natural painkillers, to quickly ease pain and restore well-being.

Pretty cool, right? However, I have bad news - this function declines with age like many other functions.
Key Fact #2: If you are over 30, your opioid peptide flow has not worked efficiently for years.

After 40, they function at about 20%

After 50, it goes down to 10%

And after 60 your opioid peptide flow is nearly nonexistent. 

This is why you hurt daily!

Sad right, You have powerful painkillers in your brain, ready to go, but they no longer flow where you need them. 

Enter Conolidine...

At 60 Your Natural Painkillers Are Non-Existent

Conolidine is proven to restore your natural flow of "internal painkillers" so your body can naturally Kill pain quickly and safely at any age.

Conolidine works safely if you are 8 or 80, it is the answer to the root cause of chronic pain.

... And here is the cool part, you most likely have already experienced relief from opioid peptides.

You most likely ALREADY know how great they ease pain in the body.

How can I say that?

Opioid peptide painkillers are also known as "endorphins".

Endorphins are the brain chemicals that give you a "runner's high".

You know when your pain fades away, you get a burst of energy and you feel like a superhero.

That FEELING is created by the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are very much considered the "natural morphine" molecule.

In fact...

Your Endorphins Are 50X As Powerful As Morphine

The Term "Endorphin" Was Scientifically Coined By Combining Two Words - “Endogenous” (Internal) and “Morphine”

Endorphins Are Your “Internal Morphine” Pain Killers
... And this is why Conolidine is compared directly to morphine.

When your endorphins flow properly you experience "morphine-like" relief without inebriation, addiction, or side effects.

This is why synthetic morphine and every other opioid pain med in the world is modeled after how endorphins work in the body. 

Conolidine Simply Activates What You Already Have (Safely)

As I said above, chances are you have experienced the power of endorphins.
If you have ever had a runner's high you are VERY familiar with Endorphins or your “Second Wind”.

... And the same goes for when you jump into freezing water that hurts at the beginning and then feels comfortable.

Your body isn't adapting to the temperature, your brain is releasing endorphins to make your body more comfortable, bringing relief.

This is also why a cold shower is so stimulating to your well-being - you are forcing Endorphins into your body.
Endorphins activate what I like to call the “Superman Effect”.

Your pain fades away, your brain feels clear and focused and you feel like you can conquer anything at any time, at any age.

In fact, the Leading Health publication just published a paper about the pain-killing effects of endorphins a few months ago.

Researchers now believe that the natural release of endorphins is the future of drug-free pain relief.

... And Conolidine is a huge part of that vision.

As a scientist, I 100% agree.

In my opinion, Conolidine is the KEY to a world without pain pills.

Think about this for a moment.

Activating Endorphin Flow Is A Real Life "Pain Off" Switch That Works At Any Age

...With No Side Effects Or Addiction


Imagine that - imagine having the ability to control or simply "turn off" your pain. 

Well, that is exactly how endorphin flow works.

Frankly, endorphin optimization is THE KEY to a pain-free life. 

As clinical science has proven using Conolidine daily will optimize your endorphin production, bringing you safe daily relief without side effects

As noted, no other compound on earth has shown this incredible relief capability.

This is not a hypothesis, this is REAL science that has been clinically proven (studies just below)
Here is the cool part - Conolidine optimizes your flow of endorphins at any age or health level.

When a pain event begins your body will respond with endorphins, sending your natural painkillers to your defense, bringing fast relief.

In many ways, this is our human “Pain Off” switch.

When your endorphins flow your agony simply fades away, like pressing a button.
Best of all, you don’t sacrifice your sobriety for relief.

In fact, it is just the opposite.

When Endorphins flow you are pain-free, focused, energetic, and ready to take on the Day at any age. You Feel Great!

  • No Side Effect
  • No Addiction
  • No Inebriation
  • No Bad Mood

This is a powerful pain relief tool that you can count on for the rest of your life. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I know, that is how I felt when I first read all of the data.

But, as you will see, the 11 years of scientific data is INCREDIBLY strong and building.

You better sit down for this...

Conolidine Is Backed By A Decade Of Incredible Science From Top US Doctors

Clinically Proven Pain Relief

The Conolidine research is simply mind-blowing, it began in 2011 at Scripps Research in Jupiter, Florida.

They employ some of the most highly recognized doctors and scientists in the world.

These Leading medical scientists identified Conolidine, an indole alkaloid inside of Tabernaemontana divaricata plant that has astounding pain relief properties.

The interesting part is, they studied Tabernaemontana divaricata due to the traditional use of the plant and the reported pain relief benefits over hundreds of years of safe use.

An alkaloid, that researchers said was...

"...a potent analgesic as effective as morphine in alleviating inflammatory and acute pain, with few, if any, side effects."

In fact, they went on to say...

"Pharmacological Studies Confirmed That While Conolidine Is Not an Opiate, It's Nearly as Potent as Morphine"

For millions in pain, this was an earth-shattering breakthrough.

According to the initial press release, this discovery surrounded the isolation of the rare and natural alkaloid (named Conolidine) isolated from the bark of the Tabernaemontana Divaricata tree.
A long part of traditional medicine in China, Thailand, and India, extract from the leaves has been used as an anti-inflammatory applied to wounds, while the root has been chewed to fight the pain of a toothache.

Other parts of the plant have been used for a variety of medicinal uses as previously stated.

This specific study focused on its ability to ease pain, without side effects.

And based on data the study found that…

"Conolidine is a Potent Analgesic, Comparable To Morphine in Alleviating Inflammatory and Acute Pain, With Few, if Any, Side Effects"

Imagine that for one moment.

Getting "opiate-like" relief, without inebriation or side effects...

Playing golf again, with full relief, but also with FULL cognition.

Yes! This research carried weight, if you are hurt, it has life-changing implications.

Scientists went on to conclude that Conolidine has very few, if any, side effects After 14 Years of Research

This was scientifically ground breaking.

Here is a quote from the actual research document.

"While Conolidine Might Be as Effective as Morphine , It Doesn't Act On Any of the Receptors Associated With Opiates."

Not a Single Side Effect Was Noted

Essentially, it is giving the benefits of an opiate, without any of the bad “opiate effects”

In various models of pain, the new compound performed spectacularly, suppressing acute pain, and inflammatory-derived pain, two key measures of efficacy.

Doctors were surprised by the compound's potency and by the fact it so readily enters the brain.

Past that, there were very few, if any, potential side effects discovered.

Conolidine is the future of SAFE and powerful pain relief.

All of the tests had aligned and the results were astounding.

As you can imagine, the medical press went crazy...

"Conolidine Natural Painkiller May Someday Eliminate Chronic Pain"

"Conolidine May be as Effective as Morphine for Pain Relief"

"Natural Conolidine Shows Potent Pain Killing Properties"

"Conolidine offers pain relief without complications"

"Conolidine is a Clear natural treatment for chronic pain"

Conolidine was then privately researched for the next 10 years.

Incredible research has been compiled.

Australian doctors further verified its "relief mechanism" in 2019, stating more studies were warranted.

Then, in 2021 new research broke about Conolidine calling it a "Major Advancement In The Treatment of Chronic Pain"

With Conolidine, the results are NOT slowing, they are gaining momentum as more and more scientists dig into this breakthrough.
"conolidine could carry new hope for the treatment of chronic pain, particularly given the fact that conolidine was reported to trigger fewer of the detrimental side-effects Associated With commonly used opioid drugs like morphine and fentanyl."
Pretty amazing, Right?!

Again, this was just last year

So, for 10 years now this natural pain killer has received vast PRAISE and PROMISE as it has 
done incredibly well in clinical evaluation after clinical evaluation.

Clearly, Conolidine is the future of safe and natural relief.

Exciting, right?

However, There Is One Huge Problem

The Big Pharma Greed Machine

Not surprising, right?

We all saw how they took advantage of the pandemic.

Many of my colleagues feel like I may be assassinated for revealing all of this information.

But here is the reality...

The Conolidine research you just read is being done to create a synthetic version, a pharmaceutical that would eventually cost thousands per month until generic.

You see, the "lead investigators" are pharmaceutical investigators.

Even though Crepe Jasmine and Conolidine are naturally occurring, they wanted to develop a synthetic version that can be chemically altered and patented.
This process is set to take years.

Prescription Conolidine is at least 10 years off at this point.  

... And when it does come it will be prescription only, only from your doctor.

In fact, with benefits of this magnitude, the price may be downright scary.  

It will surely generate billions! 
That means ten more years without this breakthrough in the world even though it is naturally available right now.

That is why I decided to use my scientific knowledge and go against the grain.

I used all of the data I gathered and began to create the first natural Conolidine pain reliever in human history.

One this is not synthetic, not a chemical, and does NOT require a prescription.

Here is how it happened...

That is why I decided to use my scientific knowledge and go against the grain to develop the first naturally extracted Conolidine in history

I used all of the data I gathered and began to create the first natural Conolidine pain reliever in human history.

One this is not synthetic, not a chemical, and does NOT require a prescription.

Here is how it happened. 

Beginning In 2017...

My Team And I Developed The First Ever Full Spectrum Natural Conolidine Alkaloid Extraction

I saw all of the research, I knew how powerful Conolidine could be to those struggling with pain.
I felt in my bones that it needed to be on the market. 
A feeling that is now justified based on the thousands it has already helped in private trials.

I also knew it was a natural alkaloid, it just needed to be extracted from its source (crepe jasmine).

I worked for days...

That turned into months...

That turned into years...

I developed/Tested natural conolidine for five solid years finally achieving a potent "Alkaloid rich" liquid that absorbs quickly and easily.

It wasn't easy as alkaloids are very fragile. 

It took me years to hone the exact extraction process and delivery.

All of that effort has led to the first Natural Conolidine pain reliever in the world.

Its production is even protected under a global patent. 

One that is formulated to absorb quickly and work effectively. 

Today I am known as the "godfather" of natural Conolidine. 

With all of that known, I am very proud to make this announcement.

Introducing Patented Conolidine, The First Conolidine Based Pain Reliever Available In The World.

It is here!

After 5 years of development, the first Conolidine-based pain reliever is finally becoming available to the masses.
This is a historic world exclusive and you are now a part of it.

Remember, you can’t find Conolidine anywhere else on earth.

My legacy has been built around creating natural ingredients that have the power of pharmaceuticals without side effects.

Conolidine embodies that mission.

In fact, I believe Conolidine is my most proud achievement to date.

Ok, let’s jump into it.

Conolidine Is A Patented, Highly Concentrated, Drug Free Pain Reliever

Again, this is the only Conolidine based ingredient in the world.

... And the development process took years to hone as the key was successfully executing a full spectrum alkaloid extraction for easy consumption and fast absorption.

This process led to a patented active ingredient extraction method dubbed dual polar extraction that is currently powering some of the world's most effective dietary supplements.

Let me take a moment and explain.

Essentially raw Tabernaemontana divaricata is mixed with a precise blend of extraction solvents that separate the active alkaloids from the plant matter.
These solvents have "magnet-like" qualities separating the pain-killing alkaloids from the plant matter directly into a suspended liquid. 

The net result is a HIGHLY potent pain-relieving liquid dubbed Conolidine.

… And here is the cool part.

This liquid is not just Conolidine, it is a full spectrum extraction of all 64 indole alkaloids found inside Tabernaemontana divaricata. 
Many of which are believed to have their own undiscovered pain relief qualities. 

Once extracted, a proprietary version of liquid piperine is added to increase bioavailability by up to 3,000%.

This means it will absorb into your system 3,000% easier than a normal alkaloid. 

Then the process is finished by adding a 100% natural flavor so consuming daily is a pleasant experience. 

That’s it, no other additives or preservatives.
This is raw and powerful liquid Conolidine ready to absorb and begin relieving pain. 

There is no other product in the entire world that contains this powerful and clinically proven ingredient. 

You are truly accessing history.

Best of all, it is very simple to use.

Daily Use Conolidine Can Be Administered In Seconds Per Day

No Pills Or Prescription Needed

You have read about the innovation, but the real-world use is just as impressive. 

Conolidine is a daily use product, made to effortlessly use in seconds. 

In fact, Conolidine utilizes the patented SubNANO™ delivery technology allowing for maximum absorption. 

That means FASTER and MORE POWERFUL results without side effects.
All you have to do is place your daily serving under your tongue and let it sit for up to 60 seconds, then swallow it down.

During those 60 seconds, the powerful conolidine alkaloids are absorbing into your blood stream, bringing fast relief That Last Hours And Builds Over Time...

Within minutes it will be at work bringing you a true sense of relief.

All and all, using Conolidine may be the easiest thing you do all day. 

I personally look forward to using it every day and so will you. 

Overall, I love knowing I am supercharging my natural painkillers for 24/7 relief.

But, allow me to answer a common question. 

Here is how it feels to use Conolidine.

Powerful Pain Relief Comes Fast and Will Build EVEN More Over Time (No Inebriation)

  • Simple Oral Delivery (60 Seconds) 
  • ​Fast Acting
  • ​Absorbs Fast
  • ​Tastes Great With Natural Flavoring
  • No painkiller shots
  • ​No Doctors Visits
  • ​No Nasty Pills
  • ​No Nasty Side Effects
Ok, here is what you can expect.

Conolidine is designed to be used daily.

It is meant to absorb quickly and go to work immediately.

In fact, it has been formulated to have the highest level of bioavailability possible.

Within minutes Conolidine goes to work optimizing your "natural pain killer" function & Bringing Relief, Energy and Focus

Many feel the benefits within minutes of the first use without the slightest sign of inebriation.

… And then something cool happens.

The benefit grows with each use.

Relief builds.
Each day you will feel more and more relief while your natural painkillers are optimized.

By days 3 to 5 you will begin to feel totally different.

Your normal aches and pains will dissipate.

You will sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed, relieved, and ready to take on the day.
By day 7 you will finally know what it feels like to live a pain-free life.

In test cases, most participants had 80% to 100% relief by day 7.

The chronic pain that used to keep you down will be lifted.

You will FINALLY feel great again.

… And all you have to do is keep up your daily dose.

Conolidine is meant to benefit you now and into the future, regardless of your age.

Reactivating your natural pain-killing system is your ticket to fighting pain like you are 18 again.

… And you don’t have any life-threatening trade-offs.

You aren’t paying for relief with a life of addiction.

In fact, endorphins supercharge your mood, allowing you to feel great.

This will truly change your outlook on life.

Powerful Pain Relief With A Clear Head

Instead of Feeling “Drugged Up” You Will Feel Energetic, Focused, And Ready To Get Back To Enjoying Your Pain-Free Life

I am not being coy, but this is an amazing benefit of Conolidine.

Unlike other pain solutions, you don’t feel “dazed” or “sluggish”.

You won’t feel drunk or “high”.

You won’t feel like a shell.

In fact, you will feel just the opposite - You will feel alive again.

Conolidine Doesn’t Leave You “Doped Up” , You Stay Clear Headed, Energetic, Focused, and Pain-Free To Get Back To What You Love

Get Back To Living Your Life...

You will be clear-headed and EXCITED to live without daily pain.

Your mind will shift to becoming active again.

After that, the rest is easy…

Just go back to living life and doing the things you love

What will you do with your newly discovered relief?

How much more can you go out and live?

For many, Conolidine has been life-changing as it provides relief without side effects  and brain fog.

In fact, it will actually give you more energy.

Think about it...

Think about all of the things you could do if you were out of pain.
A round of golf - no problem.

Tennis with your friends is 100% possible again.

... And you will most likely play better than ever because you are pain-free.

You could finally enjoy family get-togethers instead of focusing on your pain.

Or maybe go on that hike you have put off for years.
Or that long flight to an exotic vacation.

The options are really limitless.

You see, Conolidine is more than pain relief, it is freedom from the restraints of pain.

It opens up a world of new possibilities.

It truly allows you to get the most out of every year you have left.

… And I am not saying this as a hypothetical.

I am saying this because Conolidine has been tested by tens of thousands of private test users over the past five years.

The success has been incredible.

The stories have been life-changing. 

Allow me to share a few.

Conolidine Has 5 Years Of Private Clinical Testing, Over 1000,000 Successful Human Use Cases

90% Success Rate With No Reported Side Effects

100,000 private test users is a huge amount in the clinical setting and that number keeps growing as more and more are using conolidine. 

Conolidine is likely the most heavily studied natural pain solution you have ever read about. 

... And those studies show that Conolidine has a 90% chance of working for you which is astounding for a pain reliever. 

To recap, Conolidine feels brand new to you, but it has been studied for over 11 years by the best doctors in the world.

Conolidine has been under private development since 2017, a full five years in a lab setting.
In fact, Conolidine is one of the most decorated natural products in the world holding several third-party verifications. 

However, the research has gone FAR deeper than JUST certifications and research.

Over the past five years, Conolidine has been extensively tested on over 100,000 pain sufferers just like you, yielding incredible results

Chronic pain sufferers looking for safe and effective relief without side effects.

… The private results were incredible, you are about to see some. 

In fact, we have compiled some video reviews so you can hear some of the stories firsthand.

You will see everything from prestigious doctors, to retired athletes to everyday folks like you and me who finally have a new and improved life.

Remember, These Are Just A Few Of The Thousands Of Stories and Video

Charles Springer MD, Orthopedic Surgeon Uses Conolidine And Suggests To His Patients.

Oz Osbourne Is A Retired Sheriff Who Was Shot Five Times In The Line Of Duty, Conolidine Is The Only Thing That Has Helped Him For Over 33 Years...

Just Six More Of The Thousands Of Stories We Have...

Never would I have ever thought there was something out there that could be 10Xs better than any opiate I've taken for my pain. I'm a 7X survivor of many different cancers that have left my body racked in pain. I have a genetic disorder called Li Fraumeni Syndrome, about 600 to 700 hundred people worldwide have it. What it does is turns your body's way to fight cancer off. To date I've had Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Soft Tissue Sarcoma, Liver Cancer & Many Bone Cancers. The bone cancer ate away my neck bones so I have a Titanium plate in my neck and cadaver bones. Left leg Tibia cancer where they had to drill a hole in my leg to remove the bone marrow/cancer & lost 2 toes just to give light to my story. All this left me with trying 9 different opiates over the last 16 years. My daily dosage of Morphine was 230mg a day for 3.5 years. Needless to say I wouldn't drive & I found out the hard way how long term opiate usage ruins one's kidneys. So I started on my own to get myself down I was functional but just "existing" so I got down to 120mg a day then 90mg. Then the same doctors who prescribed me all those dangerous milligrams a day cut my dosage in half. Needless to say I was back in excruciating pain. I've tried the world's strongest CBD's, Nothing I needed an insane amount to notice any relief. As I saw this advertisement I believe watching Dr Eric Berg's YouTube videos I was like there's just no way this CONOCB2 works so I took a chance I mean it had a 100% guarantee back so what's to lose? To my complete shock I worked immaculately. I had been praying for something natural that just simply worked. I'm still blown away everytime I put the dasage under my tongue in about 9mins (for my body) it starts to work. It's been THEE game changer for me, more like a life changer! I also suffered from bone on bone in my knee because cancer chewed away my meniscus. That to gets massive relief from this product. I can sincerely testify to the truth that this product has hands down given me my mobility back & has allowed for my wife & I to be intimate again. After Her seeing this amazing transformation she tired too. She was in a bad car accident 9 years ago, there wasn't much of anything the doctors could do for her except lots of opiates & she was very weary to take a regimen of them after seeing my kidneys suffer from long term opiate use. So if you're a skeptic simply try it. I'm living proof and starting to get out in the world again. Not to mention I've written & produced multiplatinum music and many Billboard #1 songs for a living, so now I'm back in it because of this miracle product I've got my life back and it's becoming incredible once again. I say do yourself and your loved one's a solid an give yourself a gift of being pain reduced or almost pain free you won't regret it! 

Darin Black

  • Verified User
I've had chronic pain for more thank 5 decades, pain meds were all their was. My last Pain Specialist told me he did every test known to medicine & other tests, & I was not addicted to it. 8.5 years, then he told me that what I said, was you don't just take it. You only take when there's too much pain, he says so how do you explane that. I said the pain uses it up. Medical didn't allow to believe thatThen a brain aneurysm 4 years ago, every puncture hole on my body, one of the machine punctures my naval into my stomach, breaking my third vertebrae, L1, opioid not available, 4 years of pain, 24/7, 365 days. Thousands spent on OTC stuff did not work! Then I saw Game Day Resdy's pain reliever. Oh my God, I'm not 100% pain free but I'm saying what that has done for me brings tears to my eyes. I've purchased it for myself, * a second order, which I have given one to each of my family members, my daughter, my son, my 2 sisters, one to a young man whose wife was in so much pain, one to my friendI am not rich, but the lives this has touched for pain relief, amazing, If I could I'd shout it from a mountain top.I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I've never been this close to this little pain in 45 years. I'm thank the Lord for this much relief.100% much better for the most part than ever in my life..Get me to that mountain top, I'll shout it out! You may alter what I've written if need be. But thank you, thank you, thank you, youve made life worth living again.(I'm 71 yes old)

Jean Kabitzke

  • Verified User
Hello my name is Joe I'm a 61 year old man who has lived with chronic pain since I hurt my back in the navy, I have had 13 back surgeries and 2 on my neck. My first back surgery in 1998 I ended up with an infection in my back that ruined me forever, I have taken everything that the pharmacy has to offer for pain that requires a prescription, I've spent 1000's of dollars looking for something that works and works fast. Cbd isn't strong enough, I've tried every cream, then I got lucky and received an email from game day ready, I read it thoroughly looking for the same old add but was shocked with the information provided. I was very skeptical as I don't like to waste any money, so I ordered the conocb2 liquid drops and the magion and the conocb2 topical. The drops do what they say, I took the drops and then had a rush of endorphins like never before, it didn't happen like that the next day I took it but this really works for alot of the small pains that really bug you all day, knees, joints, aches and pains, however alot of people don't understand that this works different on everyone, no two people are alike, now let's get to the good part the conocb2 topical is the best topical I have ever used in my life. It works so fast on pain and I am talking nerve pain down my arms and legs muscle spasms, my MOTHERS diabetes foot neuropathy pain it didn't take it all away but it was highly managed, I'm using the clinical strength I have since ordered 3 more jars of this truly amazing topical. I will try the conocb2 liquid in the clinical strength and see how it goes. Thank you Game Day Ready for the quickest pain relief that doesn't leave me laying in a stupor, I highly recommend these products to anyone suffering from any kind of pain.

Joseph L Pooler

  • Verified User
I receive quite a number of health related emails and when this one showed up in my email, I thought it would not hurt to order some for my 96 yr old father. He is suffering from prostate cancer that has spread and was in enough pain that he was prescribed fairly strong opiate type medication. He did not do well with the medication and was really having a tough time with the side effects and could hardly eat anything. I sent him this natural pain relief product about a little over a month ago and he has taken exactly 1 prescribed pill since (after spending 3 hours working on complicated taxes, which he said was a pain in itself!). Since he is using the drops every day he does not have side effects, can eat much better and feels so much better that he was able to enjoy Easter with the family and was able to eat everything in sight. He is so grateful for this product that he tells me every time I talk to him. I have now sent him some of the clinical strength drops and they are even better. I also sent him a couple of the rollers in clinical strength and he loves those since they are easier to use. I will continue to order these for him as long as possible.I am also taking this product and like it for some minimal joint issues. I never thought this would help him as much as it does and so glad I gave it a try and he is really glad. Thanks for all the time and effort it took to develop this amazing natural pain reliever.

Linda Stillman

  • Verified User
I am sharing a story concerning c o n o c b 2 and I tell you as Larry Crowder always tells the truth I started taking that when I had severe sciatic nerve pain and back pain from having fell backwards on a bar stool and that collapsed on me from 37 in high and I Jam my my back and probably partially crushed the vertebrae and I was hurting so bad and I sat there and put one dropper underneath my tongue for 30 seconds and swallowed it and literally 15-20 minutes later all of a sudden I realized that my back no longer hurt they say it's like a morphine but it's all natural they're not lying I mean to tell you I could not believe what was taking place I was in extreme pain I am a 68 year old man that worked hard from 10 years old to 50 years old on a farm and the Auto industry and also the furniture industry at furniture store so I physically work very hard in my life and my body is broke down and all I can say is I thank God that I have c o n o CB2 to help with that pain. I couldn't believe it but there's two things I can't stand in this world is a liar and a thief and I'm neither one thank you for allowing me to give this testimony Larry Crowder said that


  • Verified User

We Have Thousands Of Stories Just Like These And Building...

Conolidine Is Now The Official Pain Reliever of UFC and UFC Performance Institute

This Is A Truly Historic Designation

This is what I was alluding to at the beginning of this page.

When it comes to the world of pain relief management, the very tip of the iceberg is the staff at UFC Performance Institute.

They are tasked with finding 100% drug-free ways to relieve the pain of some of the hardest-working athletes in the world, professional MMA fighters.

Athletes who have to undergo stringent drug testing protocols.

This stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship Performance Institute.

As you know UFC is one of the largest athletic organizations in the world, becoming the second most popular sport globally. 
... And UFC Performance Institute is the Mecca of cutting-edge pain relief and recovery science.

In their world, drug-free pain relief is mandatory. 

Remember, most prescription pain relievers are considered banned substances, unable to be utilized by professional athletes.

This is where drug-free certified Conolidine has played a crucial role.

These relief specialists are the best in the world as they are treating athletes that are known for INCREDIBLE daily pain endurance.

Even if you are not a combat sports fan, you can understand what they go through daily.
Duncan French, Ph.D. Vice President,
Performance  UFC Performance Institute
"Conolidine contains 100% drug-free certified ingredients... many of our athletes are feeling noticeable pain relief in seconds that extend throughout the day. And these results are why UFC and UFC Performance Institute have entered into a historic partnership using Conolidine."
Brutal daily physical training leads to sore muscles and joints.

Tender open wounds.

Overextended joints.

Constant injuries from training and competition.

In my opinion, there is NOT a more physically demanding sport in the world, these athletes go through hell and have to endure pain daily to survive.

... And this is why the UFC wanted to test Conolidine  on their athletes and compare it to the thousands of other relief options they have tried in the past.

So, for 90 days they tested it on their hardest training athletes, and the rest is history.

It provided relief faster and with more success than anything they have ever tried. 

Historically, Conolidine Has Been Named The Official Pain Reliever Of UFC And UFC Performance Institute, It Is All They Use.

This is a first-of-it-kind designation.

… And now, after five years of development, it is about to be released to the public.

BSCG Certified Drug-Free. This Is Gold Standard Drug Testing That Includes More Than 491+ Banned Substances In Sports, Prescription, Over-The-Counter, Or Illicit Drugs.

It covers drugs on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List or banned in other drug testing programs like the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, MLS, ATP, WTA, CFL, FIFA, FINA, AFL, NRL, NASCAR, CrossFit, NCAA, military, law enforcement, first responder, vocational drug-testing programs, and more. BSCG Certified Drug Free® supplements for athletes have been trusted for more than 15 years.

Conolidine Is Set For A Global Retail Release

Soon, It Will Be On Shelves All Over The World

It is finally ready!

Conolidine is only months away from being sold all over the world, larger scale manufacturing is being set up as we speak.

There is HUGE consumer anticipation.

It is finally time to make all of this information and Conolidine fully public.

Finally, a Conolidine-based product will soon be available all over the world.
As you can see, we really took our time in development. 

I gathered incredible scientific data spanning 11 years.

GDR Labs™ developed proprietary production methods inside their laboratory in Atlanta, GA.

My staff and I have private use tested for nearly five years gathering thousands of incredible use cases without a single side effect.

It is Official: The first Conolidine product in the world is ready to go to market.

Right now global distribution is being organized with a target date of the third quarter of 2024.

Once launched, it will be sold in retail locations all over the world for the market price of $120 a bottle.

This is a very fair price considering the EXTENSIVE science behind Conolidine and the exclusive nature of the product.

Not to mention years of clinical testing...

As you now see, it is the most powerful natural pain reliever in human history (backed up by incredible science).

Heck, this is less expensive than CBD which has minimal pain relief science compared to Conolidine. 

Take a look at what CBD is selling for online, right now
Crazy, right?

... And of course, the cost of prescription pain meds are out of this world especially when you factor in the cost of the prescription appointments.

Not to mention the "human cost" involving life-altering side effects, addiction, and even death. 

When all of this is factored in, $120 is a total bargain. 

However, today, I have GREAT news.

If you are on this page, you are about to access Conolidine before the rest of the world.

… And with a huge discount (just for my readers). 

Conolidine Is 1/10 The Cost Of Dangerous "Pain Clinic" Programs

With Zero Addiction Risk...

As you know "pain clinics" have exploded across the United States.

These medical practices are essentially clinics that specialize in nothing but pain management and the doctors are raking in a fortune. 

Why? When you add up all of the fees and medications they are INCREDIBLY expense.

Plus, many are controversial and not covered by insurance.

Pain Management Cost Breakdown:

  • Initial "Pain Management" Consultation (Including Tests): $500
  • ​Monthly Supply of Pain Shots or Pills Normally Costs Between $300 to $500
  • ​Monthly Doctor "Program Monitoring" is Another $300 to $500

The National Average Is $1,200 Per Month With All Meds, Visits and Testing Included

$1,200 Per Month?

That is a high end car or mortgage payment EVERY SINGLE MONTH, on average.

... And millions are in need of relief.

This is why "pain management" doctors are striking it rich all over the United States.

Crazy, right?

When you consider these stats, $120 per 30 day bottle is an INCREDIBLE value.

"Morphine like relief" with no side effects, inebriation or risk of addiction

... And NO expensive doctors visits.

Even with all of that...

At $120 I Know Many Cannot Afford Conolidine

So I Negotiated A Very Limited Discount On This Page

Now, to be clear, I am the inventor and patent holder of Conolidine.

I am incentivized by seeing the widespread use of this amazing formula over the years to come.

I want to see millions get the pain relief they have wanted for years So My Goal Is to Make Conolidine Ultra Affordable

I am personally paid for my patent when Conolidine is purchased anywhere in the world. 

With that said, the price point you pay TODAY has no bearing on me, only the number of bottles sold globally. 

So, on this page, I want to make it as affordable as possible so it spreads like wild fire.
However, I know this, many Americans (who desperately need pain relief) cannot afford $120 or more per bottle regardless of the value. 
However, the GDR Labs™ price is not changing. 

Let's face it, retail distribution is expensive and GDR Labs™ is a global brand. 

As you probably see online they have huge partnerships with some of the biggest athletes and athletic organizations in the world.

All of this costs millions in marketing fees, driving up the retail price per unit. 
Not to mention that a large percentage is desired by the end retailer in stores all over the world.

Now, let me be clear - Conolidine is worth every bit of the $120 price point (maybe even 2X).

However, on this private page, you won't pay $120.

... As my reader, you are bypassing all of the retail fees.

I have negotiated "direct from the manufacture" pricing for my readers ONLY (on this private page).

Each bottle shipped right from the lab, to you.

YES! You are about to gain access to Conolidine  before the rest of the world?

... And you are accessing a tremendous INSTANT discount?

All you have to do is keep reading.

On This Page Only

I Am Activating a $91 Instant Credit So You Can Try Conolidine For Just $120 $29

This Is GDR Labs™ Factory Direct Pricing

This $91 credit is active for 60 minutes

Why only 60 minutes? Incredible Demand.

This product already has a huge amount of anticipation. 

Over 100,000 readers have followed me to see the developments as they unfold. 

... And they are on this page now as well. 

So, thousands are reading this page and I am only allowed to authorize a few hundred instant credits. 

Sadly, 60 minutes is a hard stop.

So, let’s jump right in.

Only on this page...

When I apply your $91 Instant credit you will only pay $120 $29 for the most sought after pain reliever in the world.

Let Me Go Over The Numbers...

  • Monthly Cost of Pain Management: $1,200
  • ​Comparable CBD Products: $150
  • ​Global MSRP of Conolidine™: $120
  • ​Discounted Internet Pricing: $97

Your Factory Direct Price: $29

This is a full 30-day bottle for only $29, which is less than store-bought junk. 

On top of all of that, I will ship your bottle for FREE anywhere in the world.

No strings attached, this is a one-time purchase (no subscriptions)

Plus, the process is very simple.

No hoops to jump through. 

At the bottom of this page, you will find a secure order form that takes only minutes to complete.

Once finished, you will have locked in one of the first bottles of Conolidine offered anywhere in the world.

You are really and truly part of pain relief history.

I can say this with ease.

For $29 you will not find a more potent pain reliever in the world.

It is hands down the most advanced relief product brought to market in the last 100 years.
Click Here To Try Conolidine For Less Than $1 Per DayBacked By 100% Money Back Guarantee
Click Here To Try Conolidine (Plus Get A Free $50 Gift Card)

You Are Paying Less Than $1 Per Day For The Most Potent Natural Pain Killer In Human History

Let that sink in.

$.96 per day is WAY less than a cup of coffee.
In fact, it is less than many things you spend money on daily.

… And none of those have the huge potential of changing your life like Conolidine. 

For less than $1 per day, you could FINALLY live pain-free.

You could finally get active again and enjoy your family.
Let’s be real - you could finally be released from “pain prison” and get back to enjoying life.

Your best years are STILL ahead.

... And there is a way to INCREASE your savings...

It Gets Better...

On This Page You Can Save As Much As $546 On Conolidine...

… And I will still have it shipped FREE directly from GDR Labs™. 

Here is how…

Some of you reading this have followed my work for a long time.

Or maybe you were part of the initial Conolidine private testing. 

As you know, Conolidine is a daily use product. 

With that known you can save EVEN more by purchasing additional bottles (at no risk) - boosting your total savings. 

In fact, GDR Labs will allow you to purchase up to 6 bottles at a deeply discounted price. 

As you know, you will pay $29 for one bottle (You Save $91)

However, if you purchase 3 bottles you will save $273

… And if you purchase 6 bottles you will save an astounding $546

Buy One for $29 ea

WAS $120

SAVE $91

Buy Six for $29 ea

WAS $720

SAVE $546

Buy Three for $29 ea

WAS $360

SAVE $273

Why would you buy that many? Conolidine is a daily use product, you do not want to run out. 
Again, these are the same bottles you would buy from a high end retailer at $120 each.

Shipped directly from GDR Labs™ to your door for no charge. 

No strings attached, this is a one-time purchase (no subscriptions)

Plus, the redemption process is very simple, it takes less than 5 minutes. 

No hoops to jump through. 

At The Bottom Of This Page, You Will Find A Secure Order Form That Takes Only Minutes To Complete

Once finished, you will have locked in one of the first bottles of Conolidine offered anywhere in the world.

I can say this with ease.

For $29 you will not find a more potent natural pain solution, it does not exist.

Frankly, nothing else begins to compare.

. And I still have a huge surprise.

Upon Purchase Of Conolidine, GDR Labs Will Send You a $50 Gift Card Towards Any Product, Store Wide...

Even our global best sellers.

This is huge!
As you now know, GDR Labs™ produces some of the most powerful and effective supplements in the world.

Many private formulas developed solely for aging professional athletes who are looking to regain an edge.

Powerful Innovations Such As...

  • Nutra IGF™  Natural HGH
  • ​Phyto Test™  Natural Testosterone
  • ​Sirtuin™  "Youth Gene Activation" 
  • ​​Liponine™  Blood Sugar Management
  • Carditrol™  Blood Pressure Support
  • ​Wearable FAR Infrared (Joint Healing)
  • ​Clinically Proven Sexual Support
  • Patented Skin Creams For Fighting Age

Plus, Much More In Development...

Each bottle is manufactured using the highest quality protocols in the world.

… Just imagine what any one of these products could do for your daily life.

As soon as you complete your Conolidine™ purchase GDR Labs will activate a $50 gift card in your name.

Cool, right?

Plus, this entire transaction is risk Free 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If Conolidine Doesn’t Bring Relief GDR Will Buy It Back, No Questions

... And You Keep The $50 Gift Card

Yes, this is 100% serious.

This is how much I believe in Conolidine.

When I first announced this policy my team thought I totally lost my mind.

GDR Labs financial controllers kind of froze up on me.
Heck, I thought I was going to be exiled from speaking to the public. 

However, I am doing it anyways.

I want to remove ALL risk from your shoulders so you have no reason not to try. 

Why? Because I know the power of Conolidine. 

I use it personally and I have seen it time and time again changes lives.

100% Money Back: If Conolidine Does Not Bring You Considerable Relief GDR Labs Will Buy Your Bottle Back And You Keep The $50 Gift Card, No Questions Asked...

To Confirm, today I am backing your order of Conolidine with a 100% money-back guarantee (plus more).

Here is how it works...

After purchase, you will get a full 90 days to use Conolidine  and feel the life-changing effects.

You must use it as directed, every day for the full window of time. 

When you do, it will be life-changing, I can say that with TOTAL confidence. 

However, if you don't feel the same, no worries.

You are not risking a dime. 

GDR Labs will buy your inventory back, you are out nothing.

... And here is the crazy part. 

You will also keep your $50 gift card towards our other award-winning formulas only produced in our private lab.

Some of which are only being used by elite professional athletes. 

You can choose what you want. 

I am willing to risk this because I know that you are going to love Conolidine. 

You won't want to return it, heck, you will wish you ordered more.

However, it was important for me to totally remove your risk. 
I believe in Conolidine with everything I have, I have personally seen what it has done for thousands.

I don't want anything to come between you and a life of relief. 

With that in mind, I want to answer the next logical question.

Why Am I Doing This?

Very Simply, Our Goals Align Perfectly For A True Win-Win Scenario

Your goal, you want powerful pain relief at the best price possible.

My goal, I want product feedback and I want to see Conolidine used by millions, helping as much as I can.

In this scenario, a huge discount benefits both of us.

Remember, my goals are not the same as GDR Labs™ , they actually align more with YOU.

I am a scientist and inventor, I do not own stock in GDR Labs™, I am purely motivated by creating the most powerful product I can develop.

I am financially motivated by sheer volume as I am compensated for the use of my patent during production.

My personal and financial satisfaction comes from seeing millions use Conolidine, not seeing how much I can charge per bottle.

I care about developing a game-changing pain reliever, not about boosting a stock price.
Now, let me be crystal clear, I think the world of GDR Labs™, and that is why I trust them to exclusively produce my formulas.

That is why they get my full endorsement, they are the best in the world.

However, GDR Labs™ is still a "for-profit" company with a lot of overhead.

GDR Labs™ is a large and growing brand, top-notch in the field of American production and distribution.
I love what they stand for but they are also in the business of selling huge volumes of products all around the world for top dollar. 

... And they do it with highly paid celebrity and athletic endorsements and partnerships.

All of that brings HUGE overhead, which means the retail cost goes up.

That is why you will find it on store shelves for $120 or more, all of those costs are factored into the final retail pricing.

Now, many will gladly pay $120 as it is worth every penny.

But, for millions, it is cost prohibitive, so they go without safe and powerful pain relief because they can't afford the price point. 

That is why I got approval from GDR Labs™ to set up this page and activate this incredibly limited discount.

I am able to sidestep ALL of those costs to give you a dramatic discount. 

On This Page Only I Am Able To Give You "Factory Direct" Pricing, Allowing You To Try Conolidine For Less Than $1 Per Day

Priced at $29, Conolidine is accessible to every person reading this page.

I want everyone to experience what I have experienced and spread the word.

... And making Conolidine more affordable on this private page will certainly help that.

To be clear, this is a no strings attached offer.

There is no "hidden subscription" or weird "gotcha".

You get access to a highly discounted bottle of Conolidine  (Full 30 Days)

No other requirements past that.

Plus (as I said above) even after a huge discount, every dollar is guaranteed.

You Only Have One Glaring Risk...

By Leaving This Page You Risk Missing Out On The Pain Relief Discovery Of The Century.

Let’s take a second and review.
  • Conolidine has been studied for over 10 years by the best scientists in the world 
  • Relief results have been compared to morphine without side effects.
  • ​It is the only compound in the world proven to activate your natural painkillers bringing you safe relief.
  • You have watched and read incredible relief stories from others just like you.
  • ​You get to try the only Conolidine product available in the world before the global release.
  • You are accessing a HUGE discount and a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
Yes! I have activated a $91 Instant credit.

... And GDR Labs will activate a $50 gift card upon checkout (can be used store wide).

Plus, if you don’t feel powerful relief after 90 days your entire purchase is backed by the GDR Labs 100% Money Back guarantee (and you keep the gift card).

This is more than a risk-free offer.

If you aren’t happy you will receive every single penny back.

You make out like a bandit. 

However, I know the truth about this situation.

Conolidine IS going to work extremely well just like it has for thousands of others - I have seen it time and time again. 

… And when it DOES work for you, you will have a pain-free life at your fingertips.

You won’t want to return, you will want to learn how to buy as much as you can (I have seen this over and over).

Yes, you are THAT close to meaningful relief for years to come.

That is why not giving Conolidine a chance is your biggest risk of all. 

You risk missing out on safe and powerful relief as you've never had.

You risk improving the quality of your life and enjoying more.

You risk moments with your family you can ONLY have if you are clear-headed and pain-free.

You risk NOT getting back to the activities you love because you hurt too bad.

You risk the terrible side effects of pain drugs.

Worst of all, you risk turning yourself into a pain drug addict, becoming a shell of your former self, or worse. 

Don't make this mistake, you may regret it forever. 

You are closer than ever to a powerful daily relief without side effects. 

No more reading.

No more waiting.

You are one click away...

But, one last thing to keep in mind. 

Hurry, Your $91 Store Credit Is Expiring

Remember, your instant store credit is only valid for 60 minutes.

… And much of that time is gone.

Look at the timer above. 

In fact, look to the bottom left of the screen, all of those notifications are others who have claimed a discounted bottle.

Remember, this is very limited - After 60 minutes, this page will go dark.

When the clock hits "0" your exclusive access to a Conolidine credit goes away. 

This page will not refresh.

Your access and credit will be 100% gone. 

Don't let that happen.

The secure order form is just below 

Right now, there are hundreds (maybe thousands) on this same page clamoring to try Conolidine  before it is released to the world market. 

In fact, look to the bottom left of the screen, all of those notifications are others who have claimed a discounted bottle.

Remember, this is very limited - After 60 minutes, this page will go dark.

When the clock hits "0" your exclusive access to a Conolidine credit goes away. 

This page will not refresh.

Your access and credit will be 100% gone. 

Don't let that happen.

The secure order form is just below 

Start Your Journey to "Pain Free"

Conolidine Has Helped Over 100,000 Americans Beat Pain

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